In which Leslye appears on television

This is my first television interview ever, so it’s kind of fitting that it be for the local TV of the place where I grew up. I actually took video classes at this very station in high school, and that was one of the experiences which made me want to major in film production in college.

Anyway, the show Transforming Lives spotlights “individuals, companies, and charities whose great work transforms lives and improves the quality of life for citizens in Montgomery County, MD and the surrounding areas.”

View the entire episode at:

2 thoughts on “In which Leslye appears on television

  1. Yay! How exciting! I’m actually supposed to be arranging an interview with a local station where I live for an upcoming release (if I don’t chicken out!). I think you did great. You looked so not nervous. And by the way, your haircut is FAB.

    1. Thank you, and don’t chicken out! It will be scary, but the good kind of scary! I was so nervous I dropped my book right in the middle of the intro. (Everyone else was holding their book for some reason, so I had mine in my lap and it slipped off). There was a loud thunk and I was mortified. Thankfully, it wasn’t very loud on the microphones.

      And I’m loving the lack of hair!! Except, of course, my head gets really cold all the time 😉

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