Song of Blood & Stone wins the BCALA 2016 Self-Publishing EBook Award

Sometimes you’re just going along like normal, wrangling with the words on the page and the other million things you have to get done, and then you open your email and the entire trajectory of your day changes in a split second. In an amazing way. I’ve had several of those days over the past few weeks, but the day I learned that Song of Blood & Stone had won this award was extra special.

I’m so honored, humbled, awe-struck and excited to be a recipient! Words can’t express how it feels to know that people read my work and seem to get what I’m trying to do.

I write fantasy so that I can get lost in other worlds, while at the same time trying to make sense of my own. I write romance to remind myself that love is powerful—it brings solace and healing when we need it most. I self-published because I believe in myself and my voice, and wanted to make sure my stories got out there unfettered and on my own timeline. While I’ve never sought the validation of anyone other than my readers, I’m very grateful to be recognized in this way.

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