Super exciting news! The My Imaginary Friends podcast is now a member of the all new Frolic Podcast Network. The network was started by the folks from and Smart Bitches Trashy Books and features romance-focused podcasts. Check out the other fantastic shows in the network at

And view the announcement on Deadline for more information.

While my podcast is not necessarily romance-themed, it does center around what I write and read, and romance is a big part of what I love.

So what does this mean for the podcast? Well, at some point there will likely be ads. I'm hoping to use any revenue generated to cover the cost of transcripts and other enhancements. And greater exposure for the show will also be nice. Other than that, nothing will change — it'll still be me talking about this week's best thing, my writing and publishing updates, recommendations, and observations.

So I'm grateful and excited to be joining this new community of romance loving podcasters. Looking forward to good things ahead!