• Sat

    Black Love Experience

    10:00 pmAnacostia Arts Center, Washington, DC

    Panel: Black to the Future aka Inside Shuri's Lab
    Using an Afrofuturistic lens, this panel will look at literature, film, and graphic design that centers Black people and cultural themes.

  • Sat

    Life Journeys Writers Guild Big Quarterly Gathering

    The Waldorf West Library, 10405 O'Donnell Place, Waldorf, MD 20603
  • Sat


    New York, NY

    The Spark: A Literary Event for Writers and Poets

    Guest Bookseller: Macmillan Booth
    4pm - 5pm

  • Wed

    Romance Authors Panel

    7:30 pmBoulder Bookstore, Boulder, CO

    Featuring: Sara Megibow, Aliza Mann, Angelina M. Lopez, Roni Loren, Riffany Reisz and Maggie Wells

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  • Sat

    RWA Literacy signing

    3:00 pmDenver, CO
  • Fri

    Baltimore Book Festival

    Baltimore's Inner Harbor

    Friday, September 28

    3:00pm - Beyond Borders, Beyond Maps: The Everything Else That Shapes A World (SFWA stage)

    Worldbuilding is more than just inset maps. It's about economy, culture, politics, food, entertainment, modes of transit, class structures, gender roles. Panelists talk about creating worlds, and how much they know that doesn't ever make it to the page.
    Panelists: Denise Clemons, Vera Brook, L. Penelope, Jon Skovron, Rosemary Claire Smith, Na'amen Gobert Tilahun

    4:00pm - Autographing @ SFWA stage

    5:00pm - Magic Men & Women: Paranormal and Fantasy Romance (Maryland Romance Writers stage)

    Join our award winning and multi-published paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi romance authors for a discussion of what's new and fresh in speculative fiction, how they create those magical men and women, and more.
    Panelists: Rebecca Rivard, Andy Palmer, Pintip Dunn, Jamaila Brinkley, L. Penelope, Meredith Hale

    Saturday, September 29

    3:00pm - Afrofuturism: Black Panther, Janelle Monae, and the Spaces In Between (SFWA stage)

    The Afrofuturism of Black Panther is the culmination of years of literary works by Black authors that imagined a future in which Blackness was valued and exalted. On this panel, authors will discuss how the impact of Black Panther and reimagining Blackness in literature can forge new grounds for the stories of the future.
    Panelists: Justina Ireland, Bill Campbell, Kosoko Jackson, Irette Y. Patterson, L. Penelope

    4:00pm - Writers & The Legacy of Black Panther (Maryland Romance Writers stage)

    How has the blockbuster hit film Black Panther changed the landscape for black characters and creators? With so many across the globe consuming positive depictions of black diasporic culture, what does this mean for black authors amidst publishing's long-standing challenges with diversity and inclusivity?
    Panelists: L. Penelope, Cheryl Barton, Dawn Ibanez, Denny S. Bryce, J.L. Lora, Xio Axelrod

    6:00pm - And Still She Persisted: Strong Female Characters (Maryland Romance Writers stage)

    Contemporary romance writers share their thoughts about why they write strong-willed female characters, why empowerment is so critical in the world of fiction (especially in romance) and how their heroes love the challenge of an independent woman.
    Panelists: Kini Allen, Kate Clayborn, Stoni Alexander, L. Penelope, J.L. Lora, Melinda Valentine

    Sunday, September 30

    2:00pm - Fantastic Places & Where to Find Them: Wakanda, Westeros, and Beyond (SFWA stage)

    In all genres, locations can often be so vividly imagined they become characters in themselves. Our authors talk about their favorite hidden, lost, invented, reinvented spaces, and whether or not anyone would want to live there.
    Panelists: L. Penelope, Lara Elena Donnelly, A.T. Greenblatt, Ilana C. Myer, Vivian Shaw, Jon Skovron

    5:00pm - Keeping It Real: World Building in Romance (Maryland Romance Writers stage)

    Sometimes the biggest characters of the best love stories are the places that capture our character’s heart. From New York to Seattle, small towns to big cities, and lonely mansions to cozy cottages, we will chat about what it takes to build and create a captivating backdrop to the best love stories ever told.
    Panelists: Christi Barth, Emily Duvall, Pintip Dunn, L. Penelope

  • Thu

    Sirens Conference

    Beaver Creek, CO

    More info:

    Expanding the Epic Map: Is the Modern Narrative Altering the Ancient, Entrenched Topography of the Epic?
    with: Kate Elliott, Kameron Hurley, Robin LaFevers, L. Penelope, Rebecca Roanhorse

    Godpunk: Religion and Spirituality in Fantasy
    with: L. Penelope, K. Tempest Bradford, Rosamund Hodge, Rebecca Roanhorse

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