Resources for Writers

Story Spreadsheet

Download the Excel spreadsheet

My modified version of the Story Grid spreadsheet. Very useful when beginning a revision.

Podcasting for Authors Handout

Download the PDF file 

From my presentation on tips and best practices for being a good podcast guest, what it takes to start and maintain your own author podcast—and why you may want to. (June 2019)

L. Penelope Monthly Project Tracker

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Monthly Project Tracker

Download the file – Will print as two half-letter sized pages.

This is how I track my actual writing days and other days working on a specific project. That way I can see how long each project actually took when planning future ones.

Scrivener Files

Download the Scrivener Template – To open, go to File > New Projects > Options > Import Template

Download the Scrivener Project File – Open in Scrivener. You can File > Save As Template… to reuse.

NOTE: This is my customized and simplified version of the World-building Leviathan template originally created by Belinda Crawford.