Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the rest of the Earthsinger Chronicles? Why can’t I find book 2?

Song of Blood & Stone (book 1) and Whispers of Shadow & Flame¬†(book 2) were both initially self-published in 2015. When I signed on with St. Martin’s Press to re-release the series, I had to take them down from all retailers. You may still be able to find paperback copies of both (often for crazy prices). Also, many libraries purchased the original edition of Song, but otherwise they’re not available anymore. The St. Martin’s version of both books have been heavily revised, and I’d highly advise you to read those.

When will book 2 in the Earthsinger Chronicles be released?

While I don’t have an exact date yet, Whispers of Shadow & Flame¬†will be released in the second half of 2019. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter for the latest!

How many books are in the Earthsinger Chronicles?

There are 4 full-length novels and at least 3 novellas.

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