Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Monsters We Defy have a sequel?

The Monsters We Defy was written as a standalone novel. I don’t have a sequel planned at this point. 

Why is The Monsters We Defy written under the name Leslye Penelope instead of L. Penelope?

In traditional publishing, an author is often judged by the sales performance of their last book. Book stores and retailers often won’t order books if the previous title by that author didn’t meet sales expectations. Since I wrote a four book series, and significantly fewer people read the last book versus the first in the series, my publisher wanted a fresh start with a new name unencumbered by any previous sales data.

What’s the publication history of the Earthsinger Chronicles? 

Song of Blood & Stone (book 1) and Whispers of Shadow & Flame (book 2) were both initially self-published in 2015. When I signed on with St. Martin’s Press to re-release the series, I had to take them down from all retailers. You may still be able to find paperback copies of both (often for crazy prices). Also, many libraries purchased the original edition of Song, but otherwise they’re not available anymore. The St. Martin’s version of both books have been heavily revised, and I’d highly advise you to read those.

How many books are in the Earthsinger Chronicles?

There are 4 full-length novels and 3 novellas.

Will Requiem of Silence be released on audiobook?

Unfortunately, at this time, there are not plans to make an audiobook for the 4th book of the Earthsinger Chronicles. Macmillan Audio holds the rights and this was their decision, not mine. This may change in the future (hopefully).

I’m a writer, will you read my manuscript?

I’m sorry, but no. I receive this request fairly regularly, but I simply don’t have the time to read unpublished work by writers who are not my critique partners.

Can I be a guest on your podcast?

Short answer: probably not. The My Imaginary Friends podcast is not an interview-based show. As of episode 182, I’ve only had 2 interviews. I may do more in the future, but they’ll be of people I know, admire, and/or find very interesting and who are already on my radar.