The following are 1 hour workshops that I present at conferences and for writing groups. Please contact me if you’d like to book me to speak at your event.

Writing & Plotting Multiple POVs

One of the most important decisions a writer will make is determining who is telling their story. Writing from more than one character’s perspective can add depth and richness to your story, but also presents unique challenges. Learn why and how to write from multiple points of view, including how to structure your story, switch between characters, develop distinctive voices, and manage timelines and pacing.

Building a World Around Your Characters & Plot

Every story takes place in a unique world that can either enhance or detract from the narrative. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to construct a vivid, coherent environment that is linked to your characters and plot. You’ll discover how to build an immersive, dynamic setting that leaves a lasting impression on readers and amplifies character development and plot progression. By the end of this workshop, you’ll have techniques to breathe life into your story and create a setting that is as captivating and complex as your protagonists.

Creating a Story or Series Bible

A Story or Series Bible is the canonical documentation of your character, settings, and other elements in your fictional world. Think of it as a personal reference guide, and whether you’re writing a standalone novel or a long series, it’s an incredibly useful tool. Learn how to organize and create your story bible and get an overview of software options like Scrivener and Plottr, which make the task easier.

Organizing Your Writing Life

We become authors because we love to write, but there seem to be an endless number of tasks to manage on top of actually getting a manuscript completed. How can we manage the writing along with the admin work, promotion, and everything else? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, distracted, and not as productive as you’d like, then you are not alone, but there are systems, tools, and strategies you can use to help put your writing life in order and reclaim some mental freedom.

Attendees will learn organizational and productivity tips to help de-stress, achieve their goals, and get those words on the page.

The Authorpreneur Path

A passion for the written world is not the only thing necessary for a successful author career. Navigating today’s publishing landscape requires authors to also be entrepreneurs. Regardless of your publishing path, whether traditional, indie, or hybrid, understanding the basic fundamentals of running a business is essential. Learn tips for running your author business from entrepreneur L. Penelope.

Podcasting for Authors

Join author and podcaster L. Penelope in a workshop on the benefits of podcasts for authors. Learn tips and best practices for being a good podcast guest, what it takes to start and maintain your own author podcast—and why you may want to.

 Writing Fantasy

The fantasy genre imagines other worlds as settings for the story, worlds where myths and legends are real, magic rules, and wondrous creatures leap off the page. With the monumental success on the page and screen of properties like Game of Thrones and Harry Potter, interest in the genre is at an all-time high. But where do you begin when the only limits imposed are those of your imagination? How do you approach building an entirely new world and not let all the possibilities and minutiae overwhelm you and prevent you from telling a compelling tale?

Fantasy Worldbuilding

Why do so many fantasy novels take place in the same, medieval, pseudo-European setting? How can writers create unique, fully-realized environments that readers will want to get lost in? Dive into techniques for architecting your own world and learn how elements such as geography, technology, economics, weather, government, culture and more are all integral to crafting a tale designed to delight. Expect to leave the seminar with the building blocks of your own fantasy world as well as a plan for fleshing out your creation while not getting lost in the details.