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Brutal Fortress

The Bliss Wars, book 3

To become the queen my people need, I’ll have to risk everything

As the Nimali princess, I’m expected to become a dragon shifter.

I’ve already failed once, another failure threatens my life and the fate of everyone I care about.

But the world outside my pampered existence is deadly. All my careful plans fall apart when I’m attacked by vicious creatures.

The man who saves my life transforms into an impossible beast. His power is beyond belief. His touch ignites a fever beneath my skin.

He thinks I may be destined for him and locks me away in his fortress.

My people are depending on me.

I must escape his prison, but each day brings him closer to capturing my heart.

To free myself from this curse, I have to walk in darkness

Trapped alone in this brutal world devoid of civilization, battling the terrifying creatures determined to destroy it, I’d begun to lose hope.

Then I find her.

I can’t let her go without knowing if she’s the one I’ve been waiting for. The one who can free me.

Her haughty princess act conceals a liquid heart. She shines a light into my solitude and awakens a deep well of desire within me.

But an overwhelming force threatens this land with total annihilation.

Saving the world requires sacrifice.

But now that I have her, the world could burn for all I care.

Brutal Fortress is the conclusion of the dystopian, enemies-to-lovers, shifter fantasy romance trilogy.

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